Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pro-Evo-Pes 2012 Patch 1.4

Compatible with Konami DLC 1.0 and Konami Patch 1.02

Added in this version: 
*Easier league switch (only two programs)
*81 Boot-pack
*Electonic Adboards
*Manager faces (Pep Guardiola, Kenny Dalglish, Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsen Wenger)
*HD calendar
*Added In-game edit stadiums
*44 Ball-pack
*Fixed Npower Championship in ML and some small bugs 

2nd Divisions avalibe and compleated now:
*Npower Championship (All 24 Teams , for ML 22 Teams)
*Liga Adelante
*Serie Bwin 


C:Program files (x86)/Konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 working program fix:

Other Features:
- Apoel and Bate Borisov compleated
- Added and compleated Bundesliga including player stats
- All teams licensed
- All transfers updated
- 31 teams in Champions League Mode
- New faces
- New Ballpack 
- Original Sponsors
- New supporter banners for all teams
- Original Referee kits
- New 3D grass

1.Unninstall any previous patches
2.Install the "Pro-Evo-Pes 2012 Patch 1.4 Installer"
3.Install the "O.F. Installer"
4.Run "Pro-Evo-Pes.exe", chose a 2nd Division
5.Enjoy your game

Pro-Evo-Pes Edit Team:

Credits: - PupaPowlo (bhos0344) with who we created together the Npower Championship 24 teams
and also helped creating the 2nd Division switch,Ron 69,zioborgo,onny,pesrevolution
- All face and kit makers


  1. hi, I have an error while I run the program, it constantly gives me a message saying "unhandled exception occurred" System.IO.file not found exception" how can i fix it??

  2. Tell me where have you installed your pes 2012? Also you may have that problem if you haven't installed NET.framework 4.0

  3. no funciona programa

  4. buenas noches
    como debo hacer para poner la Liga adelante como la liga de segunda division por defecto???

  5. i installed the game in c:\program files (x86)\konami\pro evolution soccer but it keep error with unhandled message.. i have NET.framework 4.0 installed

  6. I will make a program compatible with that directory and will be available soon.

  7. Can you please post multiupload download link with five parts?PLEASE!

  8. *correction: my game Directory is c:\Program Files (x86)\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

    im using Win7 Home Premium 64 Bit
    Nvidia Geforce GT 540M CUDA with 2GB
    4gb Ram
    i5-2410M 2.3ghz

  9. Just download and use the
    C:Program files (x86)/Konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 working program fix

  10. Why it doesn't run! i have innstalled all ok..

  11. yes, very strange. i can't figure it out either. had no problems with your last patch, but this one i can't get going.

    just keep getting the unhandled error.

  12. Where do i must to install the patch? in the game directory?

  13. Tell me where have you installed your Pes 201?

  14. i put my files in the game directory. but something seems to be missing still. it's different than your last patch. for people with windows 7 64-bit it looks like we're missing something. like where's the CX86 folder gone?

  15. @Joe download
    C:Program files (x86)/Konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 working program fix:

  16. When i run the program it says me : unhandled exception has occurred in your apllication. File not found!!! WHY?

  17. When i run the program it says me : unhandled exception has occurred in your apllication. File not found!!!

  18. Try running the exe from obj or bin folder > Release and run Pro-Evo-Pes.exe

  19. so i put the obj folder and the Pro-Evo-Pes cx86 application in my game directory with all the other files, under Computer>Local Disk(C:)>Program Files (x86)> KONAMI>Pro Evolution Soccer 2012.

    Clicked on everything, tried everything. But it won't work. Shame because it worked fine before.

    Are we supposed to uninstall the original game and your old patch completely, then reinstall to get it to work?

  20. Can you please post multiupload
    download link with five parts?PLEASE!

  21. Where do i must do install the patch? into the pes 2012 directory???

  22. no worries, man.

    i can still access your game via gameplay mod tools. so i'm still playing it, i'm just confused as to why it doesn't start up like before. don't want to reinstall the game or i'll lose current ML progress. but i did uninstall the old kitserver and patch. and reinstall 1.4

  23. does this patch run with windows 7 32-bit??

  24. Hi, when I click on Pro-evo-patch(x86).exe, it opens than if I want to do anything like starting the game it sais error, doesnt find the file. the program doesn't start with the original exe file either.. Thanks!

  25. I am the same as the earlier one. I tried eg, tried to start from all the existing ese files, no success at all.. if you have any idea, tips would be much appreciated. or this version doesn't work fine?:) shall we wait for another one? I am asking this, cause the contains seems pretty cool, so I could wait a bit longer if a stable version is all the way. Thanks for working for us and the help! d.

  26. i think thats because kitserv has to be in C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012\

    i had the same error!

    1. Copy kitserv and bin(x86) in C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012\

    2. Open Pro-Evo-Pes.exe (no matter wich one)

    3. Switch to League (i've switched to Bundesliga)

    4. Play and Enjoy!

    5. Remember -> Manchester United are the greatest team! :D:DD

  27. hm.. it still crashed one more time .. don't know why

  28. hi peeps

    its still not working. I used to have the pes 2012.exe shortcut on my desktop. but now it ain't working anymore once i have installed patch 1.04 and the program fix.

    Pls help!

  29. hey DTrax, thx for the answer. everything was there, did not work.. always the whole game crashed and when I uninstalled the patch, it took away some important gamefiles. I reintalled e.g. a few times everything then I got fed up, so now waiting if someone comes out with a stable patch.. ( had problems with other ones too just like a lot of other players) I dont wanna switch onto fifa, but I don't feel like playin with my glorious ManU against Man Blue at all..:)

  30. Info: Guys next patch will probably be released at friday but the Npower Championship will have 18 teams because we must do that for the new creating system for the patch , also new features will be added. You will have an info on how to add all 24 Npower teams in the patch description.TNQ

  31. nice patch but I have a small problem:
    the game crash when i try to play at camp nou

  32. 18/24, just make the patch work! Thanks an awfully lot for your efforts!:)